About the Artist

Annie Rosenberg is an artist from a small steel town in Pennsylvania now living in the Pacific Northwest. She embraces her nomadic ways and the many places she has lived are greatly displayed in her art.

The main influence of Annie’s art is the Alchemical process and nature. Her work expresses the distortion and beauty that is often found organically in the natural world, reminding the viewer of the harshness that mother nature can offer. Her work also reflects the symbolism and energies seen in people, animals, and plant matter through fine lines and imperfections. Embracing the chaos and harmony that the organic world offers.

Throughout her life, Annie has had the gift of tuning into the healing energies of the world and this is greatly displayed in her work. She displays the process of finding freedom from fear, limiting self-belief, and self-acceptance through symbolism and flow in her work. Her work helps others find transformation, liberation, and a change within themselves as she visually displays topics that she finds hard to voice with words. Helping you to tune into your original blueprint, what you entered this life to accomplish. Before the influence of the common world was lived.

Although her art flows through her organic vessel, Annie is a small part of this process. She offers ancient wisdom and lessons through an artistic experience.

You can find more of Annie’s healing offerings at www.annierosenberg.com.